Truck driver CE night shift m/v

For a transport company in Hamme we are looking for a driver CE for the night shift. You will be responsible for:
- Mainly you are the person who will provide our customer with the delivery of products;
- You always depart from Hamme, to make a first stop in the depot in the "Waasland";
- Here you have about an hour of work to load the products, you do this yourself, both manually and with a transpalet;
- With these products you continue to the depot in Antwerp, where you load additional products in the truck;
- Then drive on to the depot in Herentals, where you re-load products into the truck;
- At the next stop in Lummen you will provide your colleague driver with products that he / she continues to deliver and vice versa. With this change you will have an occupation on average for 2,5 to 3 hours;
- You will return to the previous depots with the goods that you received from your colleague.

Vaardigheden en kennis

To qualify for this job, we are looking for a driver with the following competences and characteristics:
- You are in possession of a valid CE driving license and also have a valid code 95;
- Preferably you already have experience with driving as a driver in the night shift, because this involves a very different biorhythm;
- It's not a problem that you yourself will load and unload your truck, they are not heavy products;
- In addition, it is important that you can present a blank certificate of good behavior and morals;
- In this job it is sufficient that you can speak and understand good English, or good Dutch. Both are not necessary;
- You will transport products of a confidential nature, whereby we can count on your discretion;
- You don't mind only being in contact with a colleague driver once a night;
- Finally, you are prepared to join us in the night shift, with an average of 10 hours per night.


When you start with this company you can count on the fact that you can expect several additional legal benefits.
We speak of correct and adapted work clothing and shoes, training opportunities, ...

For this function you will have a gross hourly wage of € 3,- in addition to your hourly wage of € 11,85 and ARAB reimbursement of € 1,4165.
This means that you will receive € 16,2665 gross per worked hour.
This wage is supplemented with meal vouchers of € 6,- per day.

Extra informatie

Plaats van tewerkstellingHamme (O.-Vl.)
FunctieTruck driver CE night shift m/v
Aantal voltijdse uren38
Aantal deeltijdse uren38
TalenkennisDutch: Good
Or English: Good